Kid's Blue Blockerz! variety

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With the amount of screen-time that kids get these days, at Edge Optics we highly recommend wearing blue-light blocking lenses to help alleviate eye strain and provide relief from the excess amount of shorter light wavelengths that many of our electronic devices and artificial indoor lighting put off. Read 7 Blue Light Facts here for more information about it! Many of our patients and customers swear by how much better their eyes feel at the end of a long work day when wearing blue-light blocking lenses. Children often do not know how to express their discomfort about these things, even if they are affected by it.

We have an awesome variety of kid's blue-light blocking eyeglasses with non-prescription lenses in them ready-to-wear today! Choose from a range of styles and colors for boys and girls, with more styles added all the time. These are polycarbonate lenses for impact-resistance & durability, and come in a stylish clamshell case for protection.

*If your child needs a prescription in their blue-light glasses, please give us a call or swing by the store any time we are open. Prescription blue-light lenses for kids will be an additional $30 (total price $79).